Welcome to Conscience Opening.

Clio's healing project for mother Earth concluded on December 21, 2012. In this project there was participation by many individuals during 19 healings which were performed during solstices and equinoxes for the last four and a half years, and love was provided. During this project we became aware that Earth is not a lifeless object … we learned that it is a living being with conscience and intelligence. That it sustains with love all beings living on it. That it has the ability to feel human being’s love and that we have a responsibility as more evolved beings to live with full respect towards creation which mother Earth has developed with love and patience through its entire existence...

On December 21, a transition to a new area took place. Ended was the fifth cycle as of which human beings acquired conscience for first time. We now have entered to the sixth cycle which is intelligence and conscience development. A great majority of mankind has a hard time to understand its real spiritual essence and therefore work to develop it; human beings live only tending to material world and ignore the fact that we are all the children of an infinitely loving God. Nevertheless, on December 21 mankind received an energy charge from the center of the galaxy which represents the First Central Cause's Unconditional Love; Father God. This energy, whose maximum was received on the afternoon of that day and which will continue present until March 2013, merged every human being's spiritual energy. Any individual which was prepared to receive this energy by working his or her body, mind, emotions and spirit was correctly linked with more energy as granted by the Father, as opposed to others which did not work accordingly. For all those that did work respective spirituality, this merge with energy coming from the center of the Milky Way was felt as a vibration, or more exactly, as a resonance in the heart along with a feeling which is difficult to explain. Those who felt it will understand what we are talking about.

Human beings' merge with First Central Cause's energy, perfectly creates DNA mutation, and therefore provides higher potentiality to further develop its conscience as well as intelligence, intuition and perception in perfect agreement with beings' spiritual personality. Human beings who were merged are prepared to eventually develop new potentialities as granted by the Father which will change them from Homo Sapiens to Homo Universalis, this is, a human being who is more evolved by opening its conscience and acknowledging his, her important role in macrocosm and his, her connection with light beings from other dimensions. This DNA mutation is not equal in all individuals; those who work spirituality with a deeper commitment were able to merge with more energy granted by First Central Cause and therefore mutated its DNA with more potentialities. The evolution of all universe's beings: non-human, human, light beings and angels is the same. If one works more, more progress is achieved.

DNA is a physical and mathematic record which summarizes your spiritual evolution upon assuming your new physical body in this planet in order to continue your spiritual ascension. This is different for every human being because every individual accounts for its own and unique development. According to the Father's divine plan, nothing is repeated, even though when we know that everything is cyclic. Evolution works in this way, according to cycles,… and for human beings, each cycle contains the chance to make a quantum leap regarding conscience as well as intelligence, and in this way every being's energy is merged with the Father's Perfect Love. That is the reason why cells' DNA new mutations are perfect … and that is why human beings' science cannot explain universal evolution process, especially because not considered is Love Original Energy, which is where all universes are maintained and sustained.

Now, Clio will continue with the following project: Mankind's Conscience Opening. In this project is going to be worked to develop new potentialities for all those which have mutated his, her DNA as well as potentialities for individuals which have not mutated. All human beings are welcome to this project if they wish to work on their own spirituality and be reintegrated to a world of love such as the one into which mother Earth will convert. For that reason, Clio will visit different energy centers located all over the world to help human beings to awake their conscience to him, her actual reality:

1. Becoming fully aware that we are children of one God; God is an infinitely loving, caring and merciful Father. He is Absolute Love and therefore He does not monitor our actions....does not judge us,… … does not punish us,… does not test us in order to see if we really love him …. He equally loves all creation, does not have “chosen ones”, nor preferred individuals.

2. If all human beings are children of Father God, therefore all individuals are part of a great brotherhood and as a result of that we should treat each other with respect… love… and acceptance, regardless to nationalities, religions, "ethnicity", physical appearance or financial status.

3. Every human being must be aware that he, she is the only one who is actually responsible for what happens in his, her life. Human beings do not know anything about the universe in which they exist and due to ignorance or lack of conscience has broken creation laws and this, in turn, has caused undesirable results. It is time to know the way in which creation universal laws operate and therefore be able to work with them for mankind's common good, thus mankind can be able to live in joy, abundance, peace and eliminate from world illnesses, wars, envies, resentments, and narcissism, the result of societies which have lived controlled by fear during thousands of years.

4. Human beings are a divine project and are always assisted by our big brothers, which are beings of light. This is a project by Father God to evolve and to ascend towards him, now as human beings and later on as light beings, as love beings. We will behave as universe's perfect cells, being aware of our connection to the Supreme Source's Real and Unconditional Love … Father God … the Blue Father ….

5. This new Conscience Opening project by Clio will be assisted by light beings, angels of love who will inspire, guide and suggesting us the best way toward human being's conscience expansion as addressed to Universal Love,… toward the Father, the First Central Cause, the creator, controller and sustainer of all universes.

Likewise, while we work in this project, we will expect the Second Central Cause's representative return, this is, the Creating Son which lived in this planet a full experience as a man under the name of Jesus of Nazareth. He was able to let us see when he said: …”Now you see me in my weakness and in the flesh, but whenever I come back It will be with power and spirit. The eye of flesh sees the Son of Man in the flesh, but the eye of spirit will see the Son of Man glorified by the Father and appearing on Earth in its behalf.

Nevertheless, the Son of Man's reappearance times are only known by "Paradise Advisers". Not even the angels know when this will happen. Nevertheless, you should understand that when this kingdom's God spell has been proclaimed in all the world for the salvation of men and when the time plenitude arrives, the Father will send you another divine designation, or the Son of Man will return to close said times”…

As every human being must prepare for death and which may come at any moment, in the same way, it must be prepared to receive the Son of Man, which may also appear at any moment …. How would you receive Jesus of Nazareth? With joy and bliss in your heart or with sadness and bitterness; with inner peace or with inner conflicts and identity conflicts; with gratitude for the life you have lived or with regrets and questioning that life was not fair; with enthusiasm and emotion or with apathy and indifference … Work with your light,… work with your spirituality … in order to receive Him as he deserves